Wednesday, March 27, 2013

HAUL!!! ~spring~

Hey guys! I went to the mall today and picked up a few spring things. Even though from where I live there's still snow outside, that didn't stop me from buying these babies! ;) All of the clothes I bought were from Material Girl, except for one. Didn't do it on purpose, I promise! I also sneaked in 2 makeup items that I repurchased because I am running out!

I personally like the jacket unzipped, but just in case any of you
 are wondering how it looks when its zipped up; there you go. (:
I highly recommend the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover!
I haven't tried the non-waterproof one, so I can't really say much about it.

coral pants- Material Girl
mint pants- Material Girl
yellow pants- Jessica Simpson
collared dress- Material Girl
jean/leather jacket- Material Girl

Makeup remover- Sephora
Brow gel with mini tweezers- Anastasia

I almost bought this really cute circle skirt, but I controlled myself! I feel so proud *pats myself on the back* YEAH! haha. And yes, I stood on top of my bathroom counter just to take a picture with the pants on. Its unsafe but I'm still alive! xD I really really need a full length mirror! ahaha. Also, I don't recommend doing that!!! No no.
Right now, I'm so exhausted from playing Just Dance 4! Working out while having fun? Sounds good to me! If you have Costco near you, you can purchase it for really cheap! I got mine for $19.99!!! 

That is all! Comment and Subscribe? (:

Happy Spring!

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