Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My makeup story

Hello beautiful people! :)

        I apologize for not posting in a week. School was really busy since it was our first week back last week and 3rd term ended on Friday. It was just too stressful because I had a lot due! I'm glad that's over and I can actually start posting again. 
        I want to talk about makeup today since I haven't talked about makeup in this blog yet. I'll start of by saying that my parents don't really like it when I spend my money on makeup. They're not against me wearing it which I'm so grateful for, but they say I waste my money. I only get a few bucks per week, so it takes pretty long for me to save up. I own a fair amount of high end and drugstore makeup. My interest in makeup started in the beginning of grade 7, about a year and a half ago. I started off with eyeliner and mascara. My first eyeliner was Revlon colorstay, the twist-up one and the mascara I used was a sample my mom got from purchasing her Clinique skincare system, but the very first mascara was Benefit's Badgal lash. Some of you are probably wondering why I didn't buy a drugstore mascara instead. The reason is that I love to watch youtube videos and this one girl talked about it a lot and her lashes looked amazing! I never repurchased it because I wanted to try out new things, so its been a loooong time! My parents didn't take me to MAC or Sephora to get a makeover or anything like that at all. I remember the first time I tried a liquid liner, it was a disaster. I'm a total perfectionist so when I tried to do the wing and it wasn't equal at all. Every time I tried, it would get thicker and thicker. It was a disaster, that was when I learned that makeup is definitely not easy. 
        Anyways, my mom didn't wear much makeup, so I pretty much taught myself everything I know about makeup right now. I also taught my mom things about makeup since she only wears foundation. I learned all the things I know right now is  from youtube videos and by doing my own research. I hope to make fashion and beauty videos in the future. I tried asking my parents a few months ago, but they refused. I get that its for my safety, but I still want to make videos when I get a little bit older! 
       So my collection has grown, its not like the beauty gurus on youtube, but enough for my daily needs. Until this day, I don't wear foundation, only concealer since my skin is sensitive and I breakout really easily. I use the Maybelline dream lumi touch right now and its decent. I need a more moisturizing one for my spots or acne scars though because my skin is dry and the Maybelline one can look pretty flaky. Do you guys know a concealer that's really really moisturizing? Also, I'm a lip junkie! If I were to splurge on something, it would most likely be a lip product or a skin care product. 

        I hope it was a decent 'My makeup story.' It's everywhere, but I tried! I'll try to post more often, but I'll need suggestions! Please give me ideas and feel free to comment. I really need you guys to tell me what you think and what I can improve on! Comment and Subscribe!!!


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